Amazon reviews

We are delighted have received lots of really lovely reviews for all four novels on Amazon. Thanks to you, our readers, for your kind words. Here’s a small selection:

A Sticky End

‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and once started couldn’t put it down. I look forward to the next book to see what Albert and Victoria get up to. There wasn’t a charactor I didn’t believe in and enjoy reading about. It’s sort of like Miss Marples meets Poirot only in Devon.’

‘I bought this to see what all the fuss was about regarding “cozy mysteries” and I was not disappointed. At first I thought it was light and fluffy and then I realised that it was supposed to be light and fluffy, and that was its charm. This sort of book lives by its characters as much (or perhaps more than) its plot so don’t expect an intricately crafted murder thriller. Instead, the main character stays just this side of city-girl-in-the-country stereotype (skates on the edge a few times but the authors pull it off, in the end). I warmed to them and by the end of the book I was very much enamoured of the main character and her unlikely but very sweet love interest. I didn’t expect to have it remain in my mind the way it did, and I will be looking out for more in the series.’

A Violet Death

‘I loved the first book and the second one is just as good. I feel I know the people in the village they all seem so real. I would love to live in a place like this where everyone knows every one. And now I have the recipe for Albert’s Beetroot chocolate cake I am really happy.’

‘If you’re looking for a cosy countryside murder/mystery sprinkled with well-drawn characters and a few dead bodies thrown in, then look no further. You have it in one with this book and its predecessor, A Sticky End. In the style of the Agatha Raisin village sleuth by M C Beaton with a touch of Miss Marple, it’s an appealing read to curl up on a couch with, tea and scones laden with jam and cream (Devonshire of course) to hand. Recommended.’

A Fowl Murder

‘I have just finished reading A Fowl Murder pretty much in one sitting – very enjoyable. I love reconnecting with the eccentric characters in the village of Swaddlecombe and trying to work out who the baddies are! As ever, the descriptions of the Devon landscape and locals so remind me of when I used to live there. A light, fun and relaxing read. More please!’

‘Are we in Midsomer ? Nooooo it’s Swaddledombe… Yes another fabulous romp down in the country with Victoria, Albert and all the regulars and a few new faces added into the mix. Book three yet again delivered warm humour laced with murder. What will happen next I wonder…?’

The Proof is in the Pudding

‘Fabulous fabulous fabulous. ..totally loved this 4th book in the Swaddlecombe series, it’s made me re-read the others.’

‘Yet again, so engrossed in this fourth book I couldn’t put it down and the housework suffered yet again. The storyline flows really well and what an ending!! Well done ladies.’