The Locals

The locals of Swaddlecombe are an interesting bunch. But are they, or their lifestyle, quite as simple as they seem…?

Albert Moreton – handsome single farmer, car fanatic and a man with a reputation for the ladies!

Roger and Trudy Mudge – landlords of the Swaddle Arms, the eyes and ears of the village

Jean Burnicombe – cleaner, factory worker and jam maker, a woman with a grudge…

The Drewe sisters – triplets Dahlia, Iris and Lavender who run the village shop

The Reverend Edwin Ruminant – the vicar, Morris Minor fan, chicken fancier and all round good egg

Tufty – garage proprietor-cum-squirrel

Bunty Beacham-Brown – the tweed-clad dog trainer, par excellence, admired by Victoria and feared by Albert